There is love and magic in the wet, cold nose and warm fur that greet you when you come home.


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I make it easy to get photos of your beloved companions.

Because they are your kids. Your plan much of your life around them, from outings to vacations, and you don’t even mind (much) when you’re out and find a bit of their fur still clinging to your knees.

When I was about twelve, I commandeered my dad’s camera and ran after my cat, Sasha, trying to catch him on film. At the time it was just for practice, something to bring to the darkroom at school. But I’ve been thankful ever since that I have images of the way he cocked his head to the side, and the look on his face right before he’d jump onto the bookshelf. No one knew his face better than me, and having those expressions in front of me brings a deep joy I can’t explain but don’t need to – I bet you already know.

Since then, I’ve photographed over a thousand companions for clients and animal rescues and I’ve learned a few tricks along the way.

Let’s work together to create images that celebrate the love you have in your life right now, featuring the loving eyes and leaping enthusiasm that you can’t live without.

How It Works

1. We connect. After chatting on the phone initially to make sure I’m the right fit, we’ll meet and design your session just for you. You’ll tell me about your furry companion(s). What they love, how they bring joy, that adorable little expression they have that you’ve never caught with your phone camera. I’ll learn about their personality and what makes them comfortable, and we’ll plan a session that will bring out everything you love in them.

2. Enjoy your session. Together we’ll create a relaxed time for you both to play. We will focus on your companion, but there will be chances for you to jump in and interact as you normally do. (These may be your favorite images you’ve ever had of yourself, because no one can resist relaxing and feeling deeply happy when they’re playing with their best pal.)

3. Your images are revealed! We will meet in person for you to see your final images, and you’ll decide how you want to enjoy them - whether it be on durable metal, canvas, or vibrant acrylic. Perhaps unlike other times you’ve tried to order photos, it should be an easy, efficient process that feels exciting. You’ll walk away knowing you’re getting exactly the right thing for your home or office.

4. Your gallery opens. When your display pieces arrive, I will deliver them and even install them for you (yep - that’s included, who has time to get out a hammer?) And you’ll be set and ready to feel daily jolts of joy whenever you see them.

How Much Does This Cost?

I offer three packages for family-time sessions so you can pick the option that fits best based on time, location and your budget. Unlike many photographers, I do NOT charge a session fee—the entire amount you spend on your package becomes a CREDIT that you will be able to spend on the products you choose after you see your images.

Family-Time Package #1


  • SIMPLE & Easy. Best for smaller families and/or sessions with a specific goal

  • Up to 45 minute session
  • My Lewisville Property
    Restful, Wooded Surroundings
  • $650 Product Credit

Family-Time Package #2


  • RELAX in your own space and enjoy your family. We'll have time to create a variety of images.

  • Up to 1.5 hour session
  • Your Location Choice
    (within 20 miles of zipcode 27023)
  • $1,000 Product Credit

Family-Time Package #3


  • MORE! Ideal for larger families with more groupings. Perfect if you'd like more than one location.

  • Up to 2.5 hour session
  • 1 to 2 Locations of Your Choice
    (within 40 miles of zipcode 27023)
  • $1,500 Product Credit

So, What Do I Get?

Every package includes:

  • In-home planning meeting
  • Guided art experience (aka the big reveal and shopping spree!) where you get help to build your own best package
  • Gallery installation—home delivery that includes hanging your wall art
  • Screen-friendly digital file of anything you order

So, what can you do with your product credit? I’m glad you asked! My focus is on getting printed memories on your walls and shelves so you can feel sparks of joy every time you see them. That’s just not something that can happen if you leave images hidden on a hard drive.

For Your Wall - from $750
For Your Shelf - $450
4x6 - $75
5x7 - $95
8x12 - $150
Print-Quality File - $225
Albums - from $950
Image Box - from $750

You’ll get a helpful product list with our first meeting so you know what to expect and can start planning for your shopping spree. There are no packages to get locked into, you simply choose what you love.

I also have a rewards program, so you get even more from your favorite products. My VIP rewards kick in at $1500, and my most popular rewards accompany a $3500 purchase.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What if my dog/cat doesn’t cooperate the day of the session?

Between my professional and animal rescue volunteer work, I have photographed over 1,000 animals - shy, boisterous, and excited alike. Things always turn out wonderfully. As a lifelong animal lover and owner, I am well familiar with how different furry companions think and act. Besides, I don’t want them to “behave” any certain way, because I want to show off their personality! Their excitement, the expressions they give you when they really want to go do something - we love these things about them, too! I photograph companions, not show animals - I don’t expect perfect training or exact behavior.

When we meet to plan your shoot, I will learn about any specific concerns you have, and we will make sure the setting is where they will feel safe and enjoy themselves. If you’re relaxed and we choose the location wisely, we’ll get exactly what you need.

Q. Do you offer just digital files?

I totally get why you ask this question, and the answer is yes. In fact, for any print you purchase, you also get a screen-friendly file to share.

But the greatest service I offer is preparing physical prints you can love, see, and enjoy every day. This is more valuable to you than you can now imagine. Your images can’t soak your heart with gratitude and love from a file folder on a forgotten, vulnerable hard drive. They can move you and make your kids feel loved and hold a place in their childhood memories from a place on your wall or shelves, though.

The way your images will make you feel means they deserve a physical place of honor. I will help you get that for yourself.

Ready To Get Started?

How does this sound? Why not start with a brief chat to see if we’re a match?

You can call me directly at 336-347-8636, Mon - Fri from 9am - 3pm.

Or drop me a line below, and I will follow up with you:

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