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How Old Are Your Kids in Your Last Family Photo?

You love time with your family above anything else. Between tracking paperwork and remembering that you ran out of orange juice this morning, you don’t always have time to be fully present with them - let alone snap the kind of images that trace your family’s story arc the way you want to.

Some days you wish a good friend would show up, tap you on the shoulder, and say “Need a hand?”

Let me be that friend. As your photographer, I learn what’s meaningful to you, work with you to create a space where you can just be with family doing something you love. Only, you won’t have to step out of the moment to be the one to take the photo. I’ll do that, and I’ll take care of making our session fun for everyone.

The resulting images feel real, show each of you at your best, and bring to mind what it feels like to be together.

How It Works

1. We connect. After chatting on the phone initially to make sure I’m the right fit, we meet so I can design a session just for you. Tell me what is so great about each kid, what you do together, what makes each person feel connected. We’ll find a setting for your session that lets sheer enjoyment unfold. This looks different for every family, I can’t wait to find what will do it for yours.

2. You enjoy your session. Ahh, time — glorious time — just to be together. You will be surprised at how at ease you’ll feel, because you know I already know what is important to you. I’ll ask your kids for their ideas and incorporate their enthusiasm. Let someone else handle making sure everyone’s involved and happy - just enjoy your favorite crew.

3. Your images are revealed! You see your final images and decide how you want to enjoy them - be it printed on metal, canvas, or vibrant acrylic. We’ll meet in person, so that (unlike every other time you’ve tried to order photos) it’s an easy, efficient process that feels exciting. You’ll walk away knowing you’re getting exactly the right thing for your home.

4. Your gallery opens. When your display pieces arrive, I will deliver them and even install them for you (yep - that’s included, who has time to get out a hammer?) And you’ll be set and ready to enjoy gorgeous images and daily smiles.

How Much Does This Cost?

I offer three packages for family-time sessions so you can pick the option that fits best based on time, location and your budget. Unlike many photographers, I do NOT charge a session fee—the entire amount you spend on your package becomes a CREDIT that you will be able to spend on the products you choose after you see your images.

Family-Time Package #1


  • SIMPLE & Easy. Best for smaller families and/or sessions with a specific goal

  • Up to 45 minute session
  • My Lewisville Property
    Restful, Wooded Surroundings
  • $650 Product Credit

Family-Time Package #2


  • RELAX in your own space and enjoy your family. We'll have time to create a variety of images.

  • Up to 1.5 hour session
  • Your Location Choice
    (within 20 miles of zipcode 27023)
  • $1,000 Product Credit

Family-Time Package #3


  • MORE! Ideal for larger families with more groupings. Perfect if you'd like more than one location.

  • Up to 2.5 hour session
  • 1 to 2 Locations of Your Choice
    (within 40 miles of zipcode 27023)
  • $1,500 Product Credit

So, What Do I Get?

Every package includes:

  • In-home planning meeting
  • Guided art experience (aka the big reveal and shopping spree!) where you get help to build your own best package
  • Gallery installation—home delivery that includes hanging your wall art
  • Screen-friendly digital file of anything you order

So, what can you do with your product credit? I’m glad you asked! My focus is on getting printed memories on your walls and shelves so you can feel sparks of joy every time you see them. That’s just not something that can happen if you leave images hidden on a hard drive.

For Your Wall - from $750
For Your Shelf - $450
4x6 - $75
5x7 - $95
8x12 - $150
Print-Quality File - $225
Albums - from $750
Image Box - from $750
Display Art
For Your Wall - from $750
For Your Shelf - $450
4x6 - $75
5x7 - $95
8x12 - $150
Print-Quality File - $225
Albums - from $950
Image Box - from $750

You’ll get a helpful product list with our first meeting so you know what to expect and can start planning for your shopping spree. There are no packages that lock you into things you don't really want, you simply choose what you love.

I also have a rewards program, so you get even more value from your favorite products. My VIP rewards kick in at $1500, and my most popular rewards accompany a $3500 purchase.

family picture of happy boy swinging from his parents arms
family picture with toddler girl being carried by her daddy and looking over his shoulder at the camera
family image of a mother and daughter smiling for the camera
kid picture of tween boy caught with a real smile

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What if I’m worried that my kids (or husband!) will be grumpy the day of the shoot, and that I won’t get the images I’m hoping for?

A major part of my service to you is that we build the shoot around something you won’t have to convince your family to like. I don’t ask anyone to stand around and perform, we find what you already love doing together and let everyone’s personality and happiness interact and unfold.

As I photograph you I might call out a name to get someone to look at the camera, or when the moment is right, pair someone up for a shot looking at the camera. But I know when to do this, when to step back, and when to just chat with your kids about their favorite sports stars and which tree they want to find next.

It won’t be up to you to ‘manage’ everyone. After we meet and talk, I will know how to get images like the ones on this site for your family, too.

Q. Do you offer just digital files?

I totally get why you ask this question, and the answer is yes. In fact, for any print you purchase, you also get a screen-friendly file to share.

But the greatest service I offer is preparing physical prints you can love, see, and enjoy every day. This is more valuable to you than you can now imagine. Your images can’t soak your heart with gratitude and love from a file folder on a forgotten, vulnerable hard drive. They can move you and make your kids feel loved and hold a place in their childhood memories from a place on your wall or shelves, though.

Q. What happens if for some reason, I don’t like my images?

I have a Joy Guarantee! If you don’t love your images, we will work together to find the right solution. Thankfully, we work so closely together to plan a successful, relaxing session that this isn’t something you need to worry about.

Q. What if all I need is one or two shots for a holiday card or gift?

A few times a year I offer Fun Size sessions, which gives you a tasty bite of my services without a big commitment. They are perfect for people who only want one or two shots. If you’d like to be first to hear about Fun Size sessions (and similar special deals that fill quickly), just let me know where to send it:

Ready To Get Started?

How does this sound? Why not start with a brief chat to see if we’re a match?

You can call me directly at 336-347-8636, Mon - Fri from 9am - 3pm.

Or drop me a line below, and I will follow up with you:

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