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Is It Time for Family Pictures?

Fun-Size Sessions Are Here!

Making family pictures easy.

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What's a fun-size session?

It's a lot like a full photography session, only smaller.  You know, like those yummy candy bars that fill trick or treat bags at Halloween.  They offer a satisfying taste without big commitment.  They focus on the fun and then they are done.

A fun-size photo session will run about 20 minutes, plus maybe 10 more to discuss what happens next and how I can help you enjoy your pictures.  I'll even have a fun activity to keep the kids engaged while we talk.

My biggest fear was that the kids wouldn’t cooperate and we wouldn’t get genuine images with real smiles.  Terri was so good at capturing the right moments… the actual photos blew me away.

Cass Key

family picture of happy boy swinging from his parents arms

You will not regret working with Terri.  You will have beautiful pieces of art, and you will treasure each piece.  Terri is wonderful to work and collaborate with.

Suphrina Gee

pet picture of smiling dog in front of parents

Who needs a fun-size session?

All families with kids (including furry kids!) need great photos.  Our Christmas cards, our shelves, our phones, our social media – loved ones want to see us, and we want reminders all around of the ones who’ve stolen our hearts.

Besides, kids seem to change overnight (whether yours have two legs or four), and you can only “mean to get around to” something so many times before the chance is gone.  I make it easy to check this off your list!

Fun-size sessions are perfect for parents who are time-pressed, budget-limited, or both!

Why is a fun-size session better than just taking pictures myself?

Let me handle this round of pictures for you, because:

  • You can get in the picture
  • Your kids (even the furry ones) are more likely to cooperate when a stranger pulls out a camera--especially one with a few tricks up her sleeve to keep them engaged!
  • Shh...even spouses reluctant to agree to photos can get on board with a 20-minute quick shoot (let's just nod silently at each other and never mention this again)
  • Maybe you can't remember the last time you actually printed a picture, either because you haven't had one worth printing or because you don't know how to do it

I'm guessing you already have your own good reason to book a session - it's probably what intrigued you to click on this page to begin with.  If you felt a nudge, it happened for a reason.

LOVE {my pictures}!  Look at them often….  I feel like I can hug my grandchildren right then and there!  Often at least once a week…more often twice [or even thrice 😉 ].

Terrie Davis

family photo of young girl leaning on her brother's shoulder

We love our photos! They captured our family and personalities perfectly….Terri is great! She is patient, kind and has a real talent in capturing real moments that don’t feel posed or disingenuous.

Valerie Mras

What Else Do You Need To Know?

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All sessions held in Lewisville, NC
(on my 6-acre partially wooded property)

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Morning and evening sessions

Time slots will be first come, first serve
(Be the first to know by getting on the list below!)

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How Much:

  • $295 reserves your time slot and will be credited towards your order
  • All images sold separately (so you get exactly what you want!)
  • Special fun-size packages start at $495 (click HERE for more details)


kid photo of girl sitting on bench with a grin
family photo of little boy holding mom's hand and with brother's arm around his shoulder
pet photo of dog looking up with a smile

Still Have Questions?

Ask away and I'll be happy to respond.

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You don’t think the fun size will be enough?

Yeah, sometimes seeing the fun size actually makes you want to go for the king size. Of course, I’m happy to provide a custom, full photography session for your family if you want  MORE  –  more flexibility, more guidance, a greater variety of images to choose from.  If you’d like to kick it up a notch, you can learn more about that option over  HERE.