About Terri Burke, Photographer

You will probably recognize parts of my story in your own.

These days, I often play a master juggler, with colorful pins of dinner and grocery lists and papers to sign flying through the air. Loving my family of six (yes, I counted my two furry kids!) comes with the joy - and challenge - of all the proliferating tiny tasks that move our life forward.

Not long ago though, you would have found me 18 years into an advertising career, helping companies like Audi and Land’s End project their messages. It was an addicting job, and I worked my way to the highest teams - but it required long hours and time away from home.

Photo courtesy of Claudia Page

I left advertising to gain more time with my family. But I found that time has a way of getting swallowed in ‘urgent’ things at home, too. While I’m keeping those pins in the air, my children and my dogs are growing. Their arms lengthen, their activities change, and it’s not long before that one delightful little quirk or way of connecting is gone. I work hard to find ways to give the juggling a rest to be fully there with them, and enjoy myself. One of these ways is through photography.

When I left my advertising career, I realized that I still needed to exercise the creative part of my brain. I had my own darkroom in high school, and photography was a way to express myself and remember moments I never want to forget. One of those moments - a shot from my South African honeymoon - ended up winning a grand prize in a National Geographic contest and a place in their calendar. Since then, my work has also appeared in many places, including a book cover for Popular Photography’s How to Photograph Everything.

But what I really love doing is helping people set down the tasks that keep their minds spinning and create space to be with family. Creating a photo experience that isn’t just another task in the rotation, but a chance to be fully there with your kids - whether they run on paws or shoes. And not just spend that time but keep those memories in a way that you always have them. I love photographing my family, and I’ll love photographing yours.

When a house fire damaged most of my belongings in 2012, I learned quickly what is of value and what isn’t. I also learned - unfortunately - which types of photos are easy to repair and clean and which aren’t. (Want to know why I suggest actually printing images out on metal, canvas and acrylic? Ask me! It has nothing to do with trends.) When you work with me, you know your memories are in experienced hands, and we’ll work to protect them.

Let's Get Started

I’m here to be your ally, to listen to your ideas, to provide some of my own, and to create the kind of pause in your life that you’ll never regret taking. That’s my work. That’s our work. I’d love to begin, together.

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